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Grape juice is another beverage with a rich flavor profile that makes an excellent non-alcoholic substitute for wine. It typically contains a few other ingredients, including lemon, lime and cane sugar. Additionally, you can reduce the sweetness https://ecosoberhouse.com/ of cranberry juice by mixing it with a tablespoon or two of vinegar before adding it to recipes. Since pomegranate juice is less acidic than red wine, you can mix it with a tablespoon of vinegar, which will result in a stronger flavor.

With delicious blends available from your local grocery store for much less than a bottle of wine, it’s another great option. Few studies have been conducted on these carbonated drinks specifically but there’s plenty of research on ginger itself to suggest that making the switch could prove very beneficial for your health. In turn, this could help to support liver health and offer some protection against certain toxins, including alcohol if have it while drinking. This allows you to enjoy that 6PM pint, without the negative effects of the alcohol. Spice up your soda water with a few common herbs that you probably already have in your kitchen, such as mint, rosemary, or thyme.

Alcohol-Free Wine to Cheers a Special Occasion

“Often, we mistake thirst for the urge to consume alcohol,” she said. Drinking water between alcoholic beverages can also help you slow down your alcohol consumption. Have everyone chip in a few bucks and snag some canvases and paints from a local craft store. Beyond habits, alcohol addiction is serious and has severe consequences for the communities it impacts.

  • Have a bonfire (make sure it’s contained properly and check current fire regulations for your area first).
  • But once you’ve cut out these alcoholic drinks, you might find that you’re struggling to fill the beverage void left behind.
  • One way to use the liquid from canned mushrooms is as a non-alcoholic substitute for red wine in cooking.
  • It’s not all health benefits though, many brands sell the beverage with a fruit twist which makes the alcohol alternative a perfectly refreshing drink on warm days.
  • Lemon juice has a sour flavor and is a key ingredient in many different recipes.

CBD can give you the same sense of relaxation we get from alcohol without any chance of a hangover. “CBD is not an alcohol replacement I would healthy alternatives to alcohol recommend,” says Cox. She suggests adaptogens instead, which include compounds like ashwagandha, which can have the same relaxing effect.

What to Drink Instead of Alcohol

Picking up an alcohol substitute can help simulate the ritual of drinking without increasing alcohol-related risks. One problem many people face when they quit drinking is plain-old boredom. Perhaps your social life generally revolves around drinking, and you need a break from that environment. Or maybe the things you used to do while drinking just don’t seem as interesting sober.

what can i drink instead of alcohol

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